Food taste

For all our visitors who would like to try the local products, here are a few suggestions on where to buy and where to taste them.

Since Tuscany is synonymous with Chianti , we’ll begin by telling you about the good local wines here. If you go to Pomino – about 3 to 4 kms from Borselli – you’ll come across one of the best areas in Tuscany where Chianti Putto is produced. The consortium for this wine has been here since 1927, right beside the consortium producing the Chianti Classico of Frescobaldi, the owner of the Castle at Nipozzano.

In the area from Diacceto to Pelago, another great gift from the hills, kissed by the sun, is the olive oil, which in 2012 received Gambero Rosso recognition for its organic production.

Dishes to taste

Schiacciata della ConsumaAnd now the food. One speciality is “schiacciata della Consuma“, a crunchy focaccia, ideal for a quick lunch or a fun snack. Nowadays, only a few small shops make it, and so tourists often venture to Florence in summer to get a bite of it. This bread is often eaten together with salami and other kinds of cold cuts, also produced at local farms. Up to thirty years ago, nearly all the country folk had their own pigs (usually slaughtered at year end), which involved everyone in the production of sausages, salami and prosciutto.

He nearby surroundings of the Mugello, with its hillside terrain, is well-known for cattle farming and milk production, as well as homemade cheeses (formaggi caserecci). The Mugello speciality is “tortelli di patate” (square pasta with potato filling); and the meat roasts are a ‘must’.


Uno non può pensare bene, amare bene, dormire bene, se non ha mangiato bene.

Virginia Woolf, Una stanza tutta per sé, 1929


Where to buy the local products in the area:

-Bar “Locanda Tinti”, località Diacceto. Si possono gustare dolci fatti in casa e gelati artigianali.

– Wine can be bought directly from the “Frescobaldi cellars” at Sieci, along the provincial road no.70 (just above Località Palaie), or else at the Castle at Nipozzano.
lungo la strada per Borselli (Via Casentinese Bassa 16, 50060 Pelago, FI)

- Cellars Via Tifariti, 12 50035 Pontassieve (FI).
(known for its affordable prices) is a social network cellar in Pontassieve which sells wine as well as many other products from nearby farms, such as olive oil, vinegar,    Mugello cheeses, bread , fruit and vegetables….all close at hand!

- “La Torre” baker in Diacceto makes excellent bread using the flour requested by his customers, e.g. spelt, kamut, rye etc.; he also supplies all the important organic shops in Florence and makes a superb selection of cakes and pastries. Naturally, the proof is in the tasting!

– “Tinti” bar is a popular place for breakfast. Signora Tinti makes the apple pie herself, and the ice-cream is also homemade. The restaurant too offers good quality food.

Suggestions for eating out:

- “Ristorante Chalet gli Abeti”, Pomino
-“Ristorante Le Cupole”, Borselli
– Al “Boccon’ Divino”, Palaie
– “La Baita”, Consuma
– “Hotel Ristorante Miramonti” , Consuma